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Do you have a leaking roof?
We have a solution for leaking metal roofs that,
-Seals Entire Roof
-Reduces Cooling Costs
-Restores Surface
– 10-18 year warranty!
This long term solution for sealing and restoring your metal roof comes with a warranty that is unmatched. Illini Commercial Roofing is dedicated to its client’s well-being and satisfaction, in providing them with a watertight finished product.
Time to SEAL your METAL roof?
– Experiencing leaks?
– Worn seals around fasteners??
– Drafts blowing through the seams???
Don’t worry! We’ve got it covered! Literally!
Illini Commercial Roofing has a specialized system that restores, protects, and preserves your roof for years to come, with minimum 10 year warranty! Our high solar reflectivity coatings will save you money on energy, and provide a fully water tight seamless surface that will out perform other coating systems!
Why is the coating white?

Our high solar reflectivity coatings will lower energy costs, saving your hard earned dollars that are being lost yearly through money spent on cooling your building in the summertime. Our coatings will indeed lower the heat absorption of a roof by nearly 80%

What kind of roof coatings do you offer?

Illini Commercial Roofing LLC specializes in installing coating and restoration systems that will restore, protect, and preserves your buildings roof for years to come.

We offer: Roof Restorations (metal and membrane), Spray Foam Roofing, Single Ply System (both PVC and TPO), and a Fabric Reinforced System.

What kind of clients do you work with ?

We look forward to connecting with businesses that will benefit from upgrading to these cool white roofs.

Are there any government rebates available?

Often restorations can be written off on current year taxes as a repair, unlike a roof replacement which must be capitalized. Always check with your accountant first to make sure this qualifies for you.

There are often Federal tax rebates and deductions that can help offset the investment.

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